Do you have a well-designed internal control program?

An Export Compliance Program or ICP governs how export managers and staff do their daily jobs. The U.S. Government takes export compliance extremely seriously. An ICP is regarded by all regulatory agencies as a key indicator of export compliance. An absent – or weak – ICP is considered a major negative.

Should problems develop, companies with strong ICP’s are in correspondingly stronger positions. Well-known firms that may have “saved money” with weak (or non-existent) ICP’s have paid for it later. Penalties run into the tens of millions of dollars plus highly damaging publicity. For severe or repeated violations, companies may face being added to U.S. Government “blacklists” – denial of export privileges that can be ruinous to business reputation and commercial relationships.

Our consultants at the Trade Compliance Group are experts in the design and implementation of ICP’s. We offer practical advice to those who must manage ICP’s on a day-to-day basis, as well as to upper management, whom the U.S. Government insists bear ultimate non-delegable responsibility.

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